• "They have been very generous.  They have lived up to their promises to us, and they are there when we need them.  We couldn't ask for any better service." – The Sharpes
  • "We just love everything about [our home].  We love the hardwood, we love the fireplace, we love the sunroom facing the mountains." – The Dyars
  • "We've heard from everybody what a horrible experience [building a custom home] is, and it actually hasn't been bad at all.  We've been telling people this is actually fun.  Getting to pick your things and make your house truly fit your personality and your likes—it's been amazing." – The Tuckers
  • "When we met with Mr. Bell, he asked us what we wanted, he asked us what we'd like to see different, and so we just came up with a list of things we'd like to see in the house, and he met every one of them with no questions." – The Blairs
  • "It was the simplest thing we've ever done.  This is our fifth house we've built in our married life, and we have never built one that was this easy." – The Jordans
  • "We wanted to be sure that we worked with a builder that was going to care about our end product just as much as we did, and [Jay Bell] does.  He wants you to be 100% satisfied, and when you're not, you just let him know about it, and he's going to do whatever he can to satisfy." – The Armstrongs

"They have lived up to their promises to us..." - The Sharpes

5 Year BOB